Lowest Claimers Make Best Bets

Betting on a thoroughbred claimer requires patience and a good eye on the part of a player. Claiming races are the lowest rung of the competitive racing ladder for thoroughbreds. In the $3,000 to $7,500 claiming price range, they may also be the bread and butter bet for the player who regularly places bets.

A claiming race allows a prospective buyer to claim for a pre-arranged price a horse entered in the run. A low claiming figure, typically under $8,000, means a betting player can eliminate much of the field by observing the fluctuations, or variables inherently present.

Many of the racers in low priced contests could be less than totally sound. In addition, observing the interactions of these charges’ trainers can clue a player to best bets. Most of the contestants can be considered improbable winners if a player simply applies these two basic, process of elimination strategies. Which horses are left after the player’s equation is realized are likely winners. As the claiming price increases, so does the likelihood of sounder stock and the presence of more confident trainers. Consequently, the betting game gets a bit more difficult.

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