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Financial strategies

Financial strategies

Financial strategies are systems of money management i.e. your bankroll. The bankroll is the sum of money that you want to spend on bets. The goal of these strategies is the optimization of a winning where the probability of financial crisis or your losses is reduced. The choice of the necessary sum in the game is more important than the choice of your bet.

The most well-known financial strategies are:

a)    fixed sum of the bet, or flat. It is the simplest and the most obvious money management strategy. Its essence is that you put the similar sum of money on each bet regardless of the chosen event. For example, if you are sure of winnings, you make a bet of $100, if not – $50. After some bets you make conclusions. If bets of $50 have turned out to be profitable, then there was sense of putting $100 on them. If they have turned out to be unprofitable, don’t try to put money on bets that you weren’t sure of.

b)    Fixed interest from the bank. The essence of this strategy is that you should determine the bank size, when sums of bets are dependent on the bank and there is the fixed interest of dependence. For instance, your bankroll is $100, you determine the interest as 10%, and then your bet will be equal to $10. In the case of losses your bankroll will amount to $100-$10=$90, and your next bet will be $90*10%=$9. The similar calculation is produced in the case of winnings.

In theory this strategy doesn’t make you lose. The goal of financial management is achieved i.e. the impossibility of financial crisis. But it is recommended as well to establish the different interest, depending on different sizes of the bank.

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