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A series of numbers

A series of numbers

This German strategy reminds a little of Martingale system, but in fact it is more moderate. Its essence is always to increase the size of bets. Peculiarities of this strategy are that it can lead to the reimbursement of costs with the help of the first winning i.e. to profits that don’t include the quick growth of the stake.

“A series of numbers” strategy is a managed one. There is the opportunity to manage sizes of stakes, coming out of needs. But it doesn’t require large efforts from the player, for example, it is necessary to carry out the recording of a series of numbers and correction of it all the time: add numbers after losses and, on the contrary, cross them out after winnings.

For the first time you should determine the magnitude of the desired winning. For example, it can be $1000. Define, how much time it can take you for the whole process. If the game is based on events with the probability of 2.00, then the probability for your each bet will be equal to 40% (let it be less, not more). Let’s divide $1000 by 20 winnings, then you will get the time to win this sum of $1000. While predicting events with precision of 40%, you lose 60% of your bets, it means the occurrence of losses 50% more often, than of winnings (6/4). When you win, you should cross the first and the last numbers out. When you lose, add one more number in the very end of the existing row.

It can be also dangerous to use this strategy, as Martingale system because of the probability of long losing streaks. But all the same it is worth trying this system.

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