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Q. What age must I be to open an account with Pure Vegas online casino?
A. You must be a minimum of 21 years of age to open an account. There are no exceptions. We will take every practical measure to ensure that players comply with this strict requirement.
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Q. What must I do to start?
A. You must simply open an account and provide the required information. Please be sure that all the information you provide matches the information that appears on your ID and banking documents. You can choose to download our free software or use the Flash Version. Also be sure to add Pure Vegas online casino to your service provider contact list.
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Q. Do you accept players from the United States?
A. Players from nearly all countries, including the United Sates, are welcome at Pure Vegas online casino. We do recommend that you learn the law that applies in your jurisdiction. Certainly, the laws vary from state to state. Since you are an adult, at least 21 years of age, we consider it your responsibility to learn the law in your jurisdiction and then make an informed decision.
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Q. Must I download the Pure Vegas online casino software?
A. No, you have two choices. You can either download our free software or play in the Flash Version on our Web site.
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Q. Can we have two accounts on the same computer?
A. Normally, no. The Pure Vegas online casino software will only permit one account to be registered at each household.
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Q. Can the same credit card be used for more than one account?
A. No. As a fraud prevention measure, a credit card can only be used for one account. If an attempt is made to use the same card for more than one account, the Pure Vegas online casino software will freeze them automatically.
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Q. Are my winnings at Pure Vegas online casino taxable?
A. We are unable to provide you with information on any tax obligations you may have. We recommend that you learn the laws in your jurisdiction.
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Q. What is the Pure Vegas online casino Verification Form?
A. This is another fraud prevention measure.
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Q. When is the Verification Form required?
A. We require you to submit the form when either requesting your first withdrawal or permission to register an additional account on your computer.
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Q. How can I get a copy of the Verification Form?
A. Simply download it here.
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Q. What documents must I submit with the Verification Form?
A. We require the following documents along with the Verification Form:
  • a copy of your photo ID;
  • a copy of a recent bank statement, utility bill or official mail that carries your name and verifies your address;
  • a copy of the front and back of all credit cards you use to fund your account (these copies must show, as a minimum, the first six numbers and the last four numbers of the card).
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Q. Where is Pure Vegas online casino located?
A. We are located in Curacao, Netherland Antilles.
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Q. What time zone does Pure Vegas use for operational purposes?
A. We operate by Pacific Standard Time (PST). This is important for you to remember since it affects the starting time for bonuses (use this link to learn the starting time of bonuses).
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Q. What method can I use to make a deposit with Pure Vegas online casino?
A. You can make your deposits using various credit cards, including MasterCard and Visa.
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Q. What can I do if I don't want to use a credit card to make a deposit?
A. You have a variety of options. Pure Vegas accepts deposits made via EcoCard along with a number of other options which can be reviewed in the Cashier.
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Q. I have encountered a problem trying to make my first deposit with Pure Vegas online casino and I want to know what I should do?
A. If this is your first time using a credit card to deposit into your Pure Vegas account, please contact our Customer Support Center in order to verify your account details. This will improve your chances of making a successful deposit
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Q. How do I receive my bonus from Pure Vegas online casino?
A. Once your deposit has been approved, you must immediately redeem your bonus. This must be done before you can use the bonus. The bonus code you want to use is available on our Web site or by contacting Pure Vegas customer service. If you are using downloaded Pure Vegas software, go to "Cashier" and enter the code in "Redeem Coupon". If you are using the Flash Version, go to "My Account" and enter the code in "Redeem Coupon".
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Q. Can I start to wager my bonus before it appears in my account?
A. No. If you encounter a problem with your bonus, please contact Pure Vegas using either the live chat feature or the telephone customer service.
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Q. Can you explain why I have not received my bonus?
A. There are a number of possible explanations for the problem. The most likely reason is one of the following:
  • You requested the bonus before making your deposit.
  • You have a balance, however small, remaining from the previous bonus you received.
  • The bonus you requested is limited specific players.
  • The bonus you requested does not apply to this deposit.
  • The bonus you requested is either invalid or has expired.
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Q. What time do bonuses become effective?
A. At Pure Vegas online casino, weekly bonuses become valid at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) Pacific Standard Time (PST). Weekend bonuses are valid between Friday at 12:00 p.m. (noon) PST and Sunday at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) PST.
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Q. How do I withdraw my winnings from Pure Vegas online casino?
A. You can select one of the following methods to receive your winnings:
  • Wire transfer - Time frame for delivery is 10-14 working days. There is a flat fee of $35 dollars per wire. The money is wired directly to your bank account.
  • Click2pay - Time frame is about 2-3 working days.
  • Moneybookers - Time frame is about 2-3 working days.
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Q. What information must I provide when requesting a wire transfer?
A. You will be required to provide the following:
  • The amount of the withdrawal, which must be between $50 and $2,000 for each transaction.
  • The account name, which is the name on the bank account where you want to receive the transfer.
  • The bank account number.
  • The bank routing number.
  • The name of the bank.
  • Bank Swift
  • The address of the bank.
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Q. I have played more than the required amount and I want to know why I can't withdraw my balance?
A. This is probably because you have played games that are excluded on the bonus you received. Please refer to the "conditions" that apply to your bonus.
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Q. If I play restricted games, does this affect my ability to withdraw winnings?
A. Yes. Wagering on restricted games does not count towards the fulfillment of the wagering requirements. Wagering on restricted games will void all the winnings won on the bonus.
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Q. I want to withdraw winnings and I want to know why I get a message that says I don't have enough money to withdraw?
A. This is because you have not completed the wagering requirements that apply to your bonus (terms & conditions). The specific wagering requirements can be found under the "conditions" of the bonus.
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Q. What is the difference between my playable balance and my withdrawable balance?
A. Playable balance is the actual balance showing in your account at the cashier that you are eligible to play with on real money games.
Withdrawable balance is the amount you are able to withdraw with the wagering amounts/requirements you have met. You can check the amount of the wagering you have left in the Cashier.
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Q. What are the wagering requirements at Pure Vegas online casino?
A. After claiming a bonus you must wager your deposit and bonus a specific number of times before you are permitted to cash out. Wagering requirements may be different for different games, so it is important to be aware of the requirements.
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Q. What is meant by a progressive game?
A. Progressive Game is a random jackpot that fills up as players bet in the casino. Its a big cash prize that increases until it is won by an individual player. To win the random jackpot one must play a progressive game. The jackpot begins to build up from zero after it is won.
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Q. What are Comp Points?
A. You generate Comp Points by wagering. At Pure Vegas online casino, for every $10 you wager, you will be credited with 1 point.
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Q. How can I use my Comp Points?
A. After you have generated at least 500 points (500 points are valued at $5), you can redeem them. You do this by going to "Cashier" and then to "Redeem Comps". Since Comp Points are considered actual money, you can wager or withdraw them. However, points do not attract bonuses.
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Q. What is the Random Jackpot?
A. This is a jackpot that continues to grow as players wager in Pure Vegas online casino. There is no limit to its size – it just keeps enlarging until a player wins it. Once a jackpot is won, a new jackpot begins.
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Q. How can I win the Random Jackpot?
A. To win, you must play a progressive game. You can play any progressive game and you can wager any amount that is permitted.
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Q. How can I play with fun money rather than real money?
A. Go to "Log In" and enter your name and password. Below these fields you will have the option of signing in to play for fun or for real money.
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Q. What is the difference between the Pure Vegas online casino downloaded version and its Flash Version?
A. With the downloaded version, all of our graphics and visual effects are installed on your computer. This allows the games to operate faster and with greater stability. With the Flash Version, games will load quickly but not all games are available. For example, European Roulette, Keno and Scratch Cards are available only by using the downloaded version. Please note that at the present time players with a Macintosh computer can only use the Flash Version.
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Q. How do I download the free Pure Vegas online casino software?
A. First, click on "Download Software". When the pop-up window appears, select "Run" the program called SmartDownload.exe. Finally, select "Run" and the file will be saved with the name Pure Vegas.
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Q. Can you explain why I can't log in?
A. The most likely cause is that you have not signed in correctly. Please remember that our software is case sensitive. Both your user name and password must be entered exactly as you registered them. If you still have a problem, please enter our live chat to obtain help.
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Q. Why did the software malfunction while I was playing?
A. While our software is highly reliable, a malfunction may still occur. Please be assured that we take every possible step to prevent such unpleasant occurrences, and we have a system in place to protect your balance.
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Q. What happens to my balance if the software malfunctions?
A. The Pure Vegas online casino system utilizes a feature that should satisfy your concerns. This feature records your games and gives us detailed information on the amount you had and your situation. It also keeps a record of your balance at the time the software malfunctioned. You may see a slight difference in the balance you expect. If so, this is because you may not have seen how the round you were playing ended.
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Q. How do I work through my service provider to be sure I receive e-mail from Pure Vegas online casino?
A. Here are the instructions to follow for the most widely used service providers:
  • In the "tools" menu, select "Address Book"
  • Choose "New Entry" and select "New Contact". This will open a new window.
  • Enter Pure Vegas Casino in the "Full Name" field and then add the following addresses to the e-mail address box: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].
  • Click "Save and Close"
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Hotmail or MSN
  • Open your mailbox.
  • Choose "Options", open "Junk E-Mail Protection", and select "Safe List".
  • Add the following addresses to your safe list: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].
    Tip - should an e-mail from Pure Vegas appear in your "Junk Mail" folder, click on "This Is Not Junk Mail". This will ensure that any future e-mail will be sent to the correct folder.
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  • Open your mailbox
  • Click "Mail Options"
  • Click "Filters"
  • Click "Add Filter"
  • In the top row find "From" header and be sure "Contains" is selected in the drop-down menu
  • Add the following addresses:
    [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]
  • Tip – should an e-mail from Pure Vegas appear in your "Bulk" folder, open the message and click on "This Is Not Spam".
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  • Open your mailbox.
  • Go to keyword "Spam Controls".
  • In Version 9.0, open the most recent e-mail you have received from Pure Vegas.
  • Click the "Add Address" button to add to the "People I Know" list.
  • Add the following addresses: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]
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SBC Global
  • Open your mailbox.
  • Click on "Mail Options"
  • Click on "Filters"
  • Click on "Add Filter"
  • Where you see "From Header", be certain that "Contains" is selected in the pull-down menu.
  • Add the following addresses: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]
  • Click on "Save"
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